Teaching Practice

How does technology in the classroom affect the role of teachers and their relationships with students?

At the London Festival of Education, Bryn, a secondary school teacher of science, wanted to know how technology might impact on the role of teachers.  Will computers take over some of the delivery of content so that teachers can focus on building learning relationships with their students?

Professor Diana Laurillard discusses what digital technology brings to the classroom and what it can offer to students and teachers.  However, she is pessimistic about the future of technology development for teaching purposes in this country because of the lack of government support.  She is more optimistic about the inventiveness of individual teachers and their enthusiasm to create new and exciting ways to use technology in the classroom.


How can teachers make use of research in the classroom?

Lisa, a secondary school teacher from Cumbria, wants to know how teachers can use research in their teaching practice.

Professor Toby Greany discusses how teachers can access research, how they can collaborate to investigate their own questions and the importance of knowledge mobilisation throughout schools and between them.  He mentions the Pupil Premium Toolkit and the Institute for Effective Education as sources of good quality research findings.  He advocates for practice based research as being valuable for professional development in terms of becoming a more sophisticated teacher and improving leadership skills.